Originally available only as a special "thank you" from Jennifer Armstrong and Will Lee to those who participated and helped with the tribute concert for Hiram on September 9th 2008.

Disc one features the concert at New York City's "The Cutting Room". Disc two includes bonus interviews, extra songs from the concert, rare video footage and photos in retrspect of Hiram's life. The Tribute concert featured 29 songs, some of Hiram's originals as well as favorites he often played at his shows, performed live by his fellow musician, friends and colleagues. Many in attendance recorded the original studio versions of the songs on Hiram's solo CDs or toured and played in Hiram's band.

The musicians who performed include: Carlos Alamar, Garland Jefferies, Delmar Brown. Marilyn Kelinberg, Charley Drayton, Will Lee, Ricky Peterson, Mike Caffrey, Darryl Jones, Adam Rogers, Babi Floyd, Bill Evans,, Lew Soloff, Oz Noy, Corey Glover, Clint De Gannon, Frank Gravis, Katreese Barnes, Russ Velasquez, Jeff Golub, Randy Brecker, Jimmy Vivino, Paul Shaffer, Jeremy Gaddie, Bob Mann, Tommy Pipes Mc Donald, Rich Pagano, Al Fritsch, Chris Parker, John Tropea, Kenwood Dennard, Chris Codish, Benny Harrisson, Sid McGinnis, Tom Bowes, Tony Beard and Steve Wolf

A very special event celebrating Hiram's life and music by his family, friends and fellow musicians. This non for profit two DVD set is now bring offered, while supplies last, at $10 to cover cost of production plus shipping.